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Pre-Prep Hobbies and Activities

Lemon Jelly (Mrs Reynolds)
Tuesday and Wednesday 3.30-4.15pm Year 1 and Year 2

Do you love singing, dancing and acting? Lemon Jelly organised by Hayley Reynolds, runs classes in performing arts encouraging creativity and self-confidence. Learn songs, choreography and scripts from West End shows. drama games, tongue twisters, funky dance moves, poetry and text. Performing in front of an audience doesn't have to be scary. With practice, anyone can gain the presentation skills and confidence to act, sing and dance onstage!

To book a place please email: hreynolds@kingshottschool.com


Ballet Dancing (Miss Jellis)

Tuesdays - Reception and Year 1 during the school day,Year 2  3.30-4.00pm

Children can begin Ballet lessons from Reception where they learn the basics to classical technique, through the use of enjoyable exercises, mime and imagination. Ballet is an important basis to all forms of dance and helps to create a strong sense of self-discipline as well as confidence and strong postural awareness which will assist many aspects of life aside from dance.

Examinations are optional for some students, however, if children do not wish to participate for any reason they can still progress through the levels with their peer groups and dance purely for enjoyment. The school offers The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, Modern Theatre and Tap Dance Faculty, Royal Academy and Cecchetti classical Ballet. All dance examinations taken are fully accredited by the council for dance education and training (CDET).

To book a place please email: djellis@kingshottschool.com


Tap Dancing (Miss Jellis)

Monday  Year 2 8.25-9.00am Tuesday 12.45 -1.25pm Year 1

Tap lessons are offered from Year 1 and focus strongly on the enjoyment of rhythm. The new I.S.T.D syllabi focuses on the most current styles of tap using upbeat, exciting music to help inspire the children and increase their musical awareness. Tap offers a more relaxed atmosphere to Ballet and helps to develop a strong sense of rhythm and musical understanding.

To book a place please email: djellis@kingshottschool.com


Tennis (Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club)

Mondays and Thursdays 3.30-4.15pm Year 1 and  Year 2

Tennis will be on Mondays from 3.20 to 4.15pm in the Gym. Children should wear appropriate footwear and clothing, all of which they already have in school.
Once signed-up, children will be required to attend the session each week.

To book a place please email: smcnally@kingshottschool.com


Gymnastics Club (Miss Westley)

Mondays - 3.30-4.15pm Year 1 and Year 2

Children gain confidence and physical skills through these fun and dynamic sessions. Lessons typically include warm-up games, stretching and skill development. Those that join the club will be working toward the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards (formerly known as BAGA). 

To book a place please email: swestley@kingshottschool.com



Friday from 3.30-4.15pm Year 1 and Year 2 

Run by a professional actress, musician, writer and storyteller. Your children will take part in a variety of activities including: Drama speaking skills, Arts and Crafts, Prop Making and Puppet Making. Storytelling through play helps imagination, voice skills, working as a team and builds confidence.

To book a place please email: tharris@kingshottschool.com


Touchline Football (Mr Fleming)

Wednesday and Thursday  3.30-4.15pm Year 1 and Year 2

Sessions will concentrate on developing agility, balance and coordination using football as the theme. Children can expect a structured learning experience based around fun games conducted in a non-pressured environment. 

To book a place please email: lfleming@kingshottschool.com


Little Linguists Spanish

Thursday  3.30-4.00pm Year 1 and Year 2

Come along and have fun learning Spanish through songs, games and group activities.

To book a place please email: ssnowdon@kingshottschool.com