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Posted on: 05/11/2019

Year 2 Pirate Day

On Tuesday 5th November Year 2 stepped back in time to experience life as it would have been living in the year 1670!  They became ‘pirate apprentices’ for Captain Morgan and used authentic tools and materials to learn new skills.  

In the morning the children took part in workshops – making eye patches, designing and making their own flags, making a lucky doubloon, making leather pockets to keep treasure safe, visiting the ships surgeon, making some dice, making ink and copying important parts of the captain’s map… throughout the day, children took part in role pay and completed chores including steering the ship, swabbing the decks, cannon drill and preparing for attack!

In the afternoon they had pirate boot camp – learning about different parts of the ships, learning sea shanties, and listening to a pirate story!

A successful day especially when buried treasure was discovered!