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Posted on: 07/02/2020

27th Annual Piano Competition

On Friday we enjoyed our 27th Annual Piano Competition. There were 53 solo pianists and 11 duets during the day and they were a real treat to listen to, with all children playing to a good standard, sharing and celebrating their achievements as pianists. The soloists chose their own pieces whilst duettists had two set duets to play, with the instruction to change places between the two. Much fun was had by all and the spectating parents were clearly impressed.  Our adjudicator was Mr Mark Smith who teaches at Harrow and Haileybury as well as being an extremely competent pianist himself. The children each received positive and useful individual comments on their playing, following some overall thoughts after each class. 

Winners were:

Rupert (Senior Solo)
Beatrice (Middle Solo)
Daphne (Junior Solo) 
Holly & Maya (Senior Duet)
Felicity & Philippa (Junior Duet)  

The promising pianist shield was awarded to Millie.  Gold awards were also given to Jayden, Cicely, Inaya (Senior Solo)  Sebastian & Yan (Middle Solo) and Beatrice & Daphne (Junior Duet) along with Valentina & Alexandra (Junior Duet)

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