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Feedback from Inspection Report

Our most recent inspection took place in 2013. The following extracts are taken from the ISI 2013 inspection report:

"From the EYFS upwards, pupils are highly successful in their learning and personal development. Their achievement is excellent. The school successfully meets its aim to inspire all pupils to be the best that they can be within a happy, safe and stimulating environment."

"Throughout the school the pupils’ personal qualities are excellent. The warm and caring atmosphere in the school results in pupils who are well mannered and unfailingly polite. Pupils reported that they are proud to be at the school."

 "The pupils are well educated and extremely successful in their learning across all subjects and activities. The school fulfils its aims that all pupils should maximise their strengths and gain an appetite for learning."

"They acquire good mathematical skills from an early age, and manipulate numbers and understand mathematical vocabulary at a high level."

"In the EYFS, all children are effective communicators and active listeners."

"Pupils achieve success in local and regional competitions, for example in science challenges, public speaking, mathematics and general knowledge. They enjoy team success in a wide range of sporting activities and individual success in music and dance examinations."

"Pupils thrive in the atmosphere of enjoyment and effort. Their attitude to their work is excellent and they take pride both in their own achievements and those of others."

"The curriculum is broad and balanced. It ensures that the school fulfils its aim to provide an intellectual and supportive environment in which pupils’ strengths are promoted and their weaknesses overcome."

"Clearly structured programmes in all the required curriculum areas encourage independent learning, exploration and problem solving, and ensure that children have the key skills needed for the next steps in their learning."

"Pupils in all sections of the school benefit from the excellent extra-curricular provision. A wide range of clubs and activities is available for pupils of all ages before, during and after school."

"Links with the local and wider community are excellent and make a valuable contribution to the high quality of pupils’ personal development."

"The school fulfils its aim to stimulate curiosity and promote an appetite for learning. Teaching enables pupils of all abilities and ages to acquire knowledge and skills, and to make good progress. Pupils’ behaviour is excellent in lessons throughout the school."

"In the EYFS, the key people ensure that every child’s needs are met and the children engage readily with the wide variety of tasks available, many of which provide opportunities for them to use imagination and creative flair."

"Teachers’ excellent subject knowledge and high expectations result in lessons that move at a brisk pace and engage the pupils through skilful questioning and appropriate tasks."

"Pupils demonstrate their awareness of non-material aspects of life by making good use of the spacious grounds and enjoying the art and music that are part of their daily lives."

"Pupils’ moral development is excellent. Throughout the school, pupils understand right and wrong. They are also clear about the strong moral code, which underpins the school and emphasises care and concern for others."

"Pupils show considerable social awareness and understand that their actions affect others. They express their views with confidence, demonstrating a well-developed sense of self-esteem. They are the products of the happy environment in which they work and learn. They are active in striving to be the best that they can be, in line with the school’s aims. Pupils spoke eloquently and with pride about the positive effect that good manners and friendship bring to the school community. "

"Pastoral care is a high priority shared by staff throughout the school. They provide effective support and guidance in accordance with the school’s aim to nurture each individual and promote a sense of responsibility towards others."

"In the EYFS, caring, supportive, well-trained and very knowledgeable key people have successfully created a calm and purposeful atmosphere. Within the context of high staff to child ratios, all the adults develop strong bonds with the children. The positive emotional attachments formed with key people ensure that every child’s individual needs are recognised and catered for, resulting in excellent all-round development. Children feel happy and safe."

"The school is led with vision and commitment, promoting the aim that all pupils should be the best that they can be. The excellent personal qualities of the pupils and the high standards of their achievements are a direct result of the ethos that has been created within the school and the example set by the senior leaders."

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