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Our Remote Learning

This has been a hugely disruptive year for us all. It will take many years to register the impact of the pandemic on all aspects of society. Minimising the impact on our children’s education and well-being has been our goal of Kingshott since the outset.

In March 2020 when the national lockdown was first announced we immediately rolled out training for our pupils and staff in the use of Google Classroom. Within a matter of days, the staff were prepared for remote teaching and utilised the Easter holidays to adapt resources and master the intricacies of live teaching.

Throughout the entirety of our summer term our teachers provided as close to a full timetable as possible within the constraints of technology. The Pre-Prep were supported with learning packs whilst the older children engaged in full timetables. Conscious of the impact the amount of screen time may be having on our pupils we engaged with our parental community and reassured them that, as we all grappled with the new world we faced, access to lessons would be flexible.

Teachers recorded their lessons to share with pupils who were unable to attend at the scheduled time. Throughout all this, we ensured our keyworker children felt safe and had access to all facets of the excellent learning.

Upon the children’s return we assessed the impact of lockdown on academic progress by having the students complete their summer examinations in September and then the end of term assessments in December. We were pleased to see that the quality of provision had ensured there was little impact on the children’s progress and the vast majority of children were still on track. Learning continued with the forced adaptations of Covid secure ‘bubbles’ but then we once again found ourselves in a situation with the school having to close physically to our pupils as of January 2021.

Happily, our staff were well-versed in delivering online lessons and motivating the children. All 400 of our pupils are currently engaged in live lessons, talking to their friends, responding to teacher input and working through activities both uploaded online and posted out to parents. Witnessing drama, sport challenges, creative writing sessions and story-time all being conducted remotely is phenomenal but we can't wait for the day when we can welcome all our pupils back on site.



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