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Category / Eco Conscience @ Kingshott
Posted on: 17/04/2020

The Kingshott Eco Pledge

As a school with the highest values and aspirations, we are committed to developing and maintaining an environmentally friendly teaching and learning environment.

These ideas have been put together by our children, to help us protect our school environment and the wider local environment, and reduce our carbon footprint.

1. Give the car a rest – whenever possible we encourage you to walk, cycle or use public transport.

2. Eat local, buy local and see local – wherever possible our kitchen staff source locally produced food and supplies.

3. Conserve energy – we try to conserve energy, will you help us?

4. Be Water Wise – we use water wisely and don’t leave taps running.

5. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle – whether it be classroom consumables like paper or food, we try to reduce what we use. Where possible resources are reused and we try hard to recycle wisely and thoroughly.

6. Respect nature – we try to look after our local environment and wildlife by not no littering, using the recycling facilities and encouraging local habitats, large and small.

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