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Learning Support

Learning Support is provided by two qualified and experienced specialist teachers, both of whom have postgraduate qualifications in teaching children who have Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), such as dyslexia. They are able to assess, recognise, plan individual programmes and teach children who have a variety of difficulties, using multi sensory methods.

Support of individual needs is available for any child from Year 1 to 8, throughout the ability range. This may be delivered on an individual basis, in small groups or within the classroom. For many, support may be necessary for only a short time in order to address a particular problem. For others, support may be needed throughout their time at Kingshott.

The Learning Support Department works closely with all teachers and has close links with parents, so that we can all work together to support the needs of the children. The teachers are made fully aware of any child’s learning difficulty so they can plan their teaching accordingly. Appropriate teaching and learning strategies are shared with the teachers and children to maximise success and to increase self-confidence.

After diagnostic testing, there may be discussion with parents about possible referral to an outside agency, such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Optometrists etc., for more detailed assessment. The findings would be shared with all relevant teachers. If any special examination arrangements were recommended, these would be put in place.

Early identification of special educational needs and/or disabilities occurs from the EYFS upwards, and carefully planned and targeted support is quickly put in place. Pupils with SEND are able to use computers to generate written work where appropriate. These pupils are skilled at selfassessment of their work, being able to let their teachers know if they need additional help with the use of traffic light coloured pencil cases.

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