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Caring for your child

Good pastoral care, like good parenting, is about knowing when to hold a child’s hand and when to let go. At Kingshott we are very conscious of the responsibility we have in raising children.

Children require structure, boundaries and parameters that give them the security and comfort to live their lives. Pastoral care is there to give clarity to what is expected, to guide children when they need help and to discipline when required.

At Kingshott we have various different aspects to our pastoral support systems and approaches - all of which are all outlined below.  All these elements add up to create a supportive environment where we all feel part of the Kingshott family.

Class teachers and Form teachers

Children are encouraged to speak to those staff with whom they are most comfortable.

All of our younger children at Kingshott have a class teacher who, along with their TA's, will be the first point of contact for our pupils. 

All of our older children are allocated a Form Teacher, who is responsible for delivering the PSHCE (Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship) scheme of work, as well as being the first port of call when dealing with any other matters.  As children move up the school, not only do they turn to their Form Teacher in times of need, but all other members of staff are on hand to help. 

Our House System

Our House system supports a vertical pastoral system. Children in Year 3 to 8 are allocated a House. This serves to generate a healthy competitiveness throughout the school, and also encourages the children to socialise across the age range.  It is not uncommon to see a seven year old and a twelve year old working together towards the success of a House team.

Pupils looking after each other

Pastoral responsibilities do not start and end with the staff. Senior children take the lead in exercising responsibility for ‘looking after’ the younger children. 

Our oldest children, (currently Years 7 and 8) in particular spend time during breaks playing with the our youngest children in Reception through to Year 2, as well as sitting with Year 3 children at lunchtimes.

There are also elected Prep Prefects who hold positions of responsibility, taking part in assemblies, prize giving ceremonies and other functions.