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Kingshott passes 'material change' inspection for move to GCSEs

New Kingshott LogoWe are delighted to have ‘passed’ our ‘material change inspection’, undertaken by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).  This inspection takes place when any changes are proposed by a school, such as our move to offer GCSEs.  The aim is to ensure Kingshott is well prepared and able to make any of the appropriate changes to its educational provision.  

“It is wonderful to have this final ‘seal of approval’,” says Headmaster David Weston.  “We have all been working incredibly hard to develop our GCSE curriculum, our policies and procedures, as well as our educational offer, for future Year 9 to 11 year groups.”   

This official ‘green light’ to move to offer GCSEs follows a vigorous inspection, which took place in November 2023.  The inspector scrutinised a wide range of documentation, records and policies, as well as meeting the Head and senior leaders, visiting different areas of the school and talking with groups of pupils and staff.  Every aspect of education was reviewed in regards Kingshott moving to offer GCSEs - including the curriculum, safeguarding, health and safety, premises, and leadership.  All eight different regulations were “met”, and Kingshott’s strategic developments were officially “approved”.  

In summary, the Inspector stated that: “The governors and leadership have effectively planned for the proposed change. A broad and balanced curriculum has been developed to provide the development of knowledge and skills necessary to support the phased increase of older pupils.”  

Please click here to read the full report.