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Dance at Kingshott

Children can begin Ballet lessons from Reception where they learn the basics to classical technique, through the use of enjoyable exercises, mime and imagination. Ballet is an important basis to all forms of dance and helps to create a strong sense of self discipline as well as confidence and strong postural awareness which will assist many aspects of life, aside from dance.

Tap lessons are offered from Year 1 and focus strongly on the enjoyment of rhythm. The new I.S.T.D syllabi focuses on the most current styles of tap using upbeat, exciting music to help inspire the children and increase their musical awareness. Tap offers a more relaxed atmosphere to Ballet and helps to develop a strong sense of rhythm and musical understanding.

Children have the opportunity to begin Modern lessons from Year 3. Modern dance has its foundations in Ballet, but uses more upbeat, lively music. As in Ballet, Modern also begins by using mime and imagination to instil a sense of posture and basic understanding of the way the body moves.

In all genres, the work progresses through various levels, building on the lessons previously learnt, as well as adding new skills. Musicality and artistry are valued highly and taught equally as technical detail and execution.  Care of the growing child is emphasised, as is the knowledge of anatomy as it relates specifically to the dancer and the possible effect of dance on the growing body. Enjoyment and the love of dance is paramount in all lessons. All individuals are encouraged to achieve their full potential and develop their skills to their best possible ability.

Examinations are optional for some students, however, if children do not wish to participate for any reason they can still progress through the levels with their peer groups and dance purely for enjoyment. The school offers The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, Modern Theatre and Tap Dance Faculty and Cecchetti classical Ballet. All dance examinations taken are fully accredited by the council for dance education and training (CDET).

If you have any queries please feel free to contact Miss Jellis