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Year 9 +

Pupils are now able to enjoy an uninterrupted educational journey at Kingshott

Our first class facilities already provide excellent teaching and learning spaces for senior school pupils. Years 7 to 11 will be housed in the Robinson building - moving from their Form Tutors to different specialist teachers’ classrooms.  Current staff, who teach our Years 7 and 8 pupils, will be joined by new additional senior school teachers who will bring even more senior school knowledge and experience to Kingshott.

"Pupils in Year 8 demonstrate high levels of understanding in Science. They tackle complex GCSE-level material successfully" ISI 2022

Kingshott Senior School will offer a wide range of GCSE subject choices and extra-curricular activities and learning opportunities (trips, tours and visits) to complement our Senior School curriculum, and to expand our pupils’ minds and interests. 

To find out more about Kingshott Senior School - please read our new prospectus for pupils joining Kingshott into Year 7 onwards (from age 11+)

Please contact our Admissions team for a conversation about your child joining Kingshott Senior School.