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Sport at Kingshott

Untitled design (1)“Sport is a vital part of life at Kingshott, and whilst we do believe it is important to play to win, at Kingshott we regard the taking part - the teamwork, learning to win and lose, the development of self-esteem and social skills, the healthy exercise, as well as the fun – as equally valuable.”

Teaching all children to be sporting, not just those who are sporty, is one of our main aims.  We want every child to leave our Prep school having enjoyed playing and experiencing many different games, whilst developing the sporting skills necessary to appreciate the value of ‘sport for life’. We believe that attitude towards sport is as important as ability within sport.

We have extensive playing fields with 3 astro cricket wickets and numerous football and rugby pitches, a brand new floodlit Astro turf, 4 floodlit netball and tennis courts, a superb modern indoor sports hall which includes trampolines and 4 indoor cricket nets. There are also 4 outdoor cricket nets and an outdoor (fully covered) heated swimming pool.





Football (Boys)

Rugby (Boys)


Hockey (Girls)

Hockey (Boys)


Rugby (Boys)

Netball (Girls)





Cross Country






Table Tennis


Mixed Hockey

Mixed TAG Rugby

Mixed Football


Invasion Games

Short Tennis





Our talented and dedicated games staff are committed to providing the best possible environment and coaching to enable each child to reach his or her full potential, as part of a team or as an individual, and whether at local, regional or national level.

Sport in the Pre-Prep

Sport is an essential part of a child’s development: as well as being enormous fun - skills for life are learnt from this early age.

Through the PE program, we promote the development of gross motor skills and co-ordination, with the children gaining in self-confidence as they increase control over their own bodies and movements.  We also teach the importance of having an active and healthy lifestyle, and the benefits of looking after ourselves physically.

Our Nursery children have one session per week and all the children in the Pre-Prep (from Reception through to Year 2) have two PE sessions per week. Each session is 50 minutes. These are taught by PE specialists using the school’s extensive facilities.  As part of their PE lessons, the variety of activities includes:






Ball Skills – Comprising of Rugby/Football/Netball/Basketball/Hockey

Sport in the Prep School

Years 3 & 4:

Games are timetabled twice a week (2 hour sessions) and PE once a week (50 minutes). Sports’ fixtures generally happen on a Thursday, for these age group.

Years 5-8:

Games are timetabled twice a week (2 hour sessions) and PE once a week (50 minutes). Sports’ fixtures generally happen on a Wednesday, for these age group

Sports Fixtures

All the boys and girls have the opportunity to represent the school between Years 3 to 8 in the major sports and we aim to organise as many fixtures as we can for boys and girls of all levels of sporting ability. There are also fixtures and extra coaching in the Minor Sports for boys and girls in Years 3-8.

Representing the school in a match is an essential and important part of Prep school life

We strive to arrange a comprehensive fixture list each term that involves as many boys and girls as possible, matched against teams at the appropriate level.  It is not uncommon to have every boy and girls in a year group playing on one day, and we are fortunate to have other schools nearby that can field as many competitive teams as ourselves. 

We also select teams to compete nationally, including at IAPS tournaments, and many boys and girls go on to gain sports scholarships to their chosen senior schools.

Internal House competitions between the four Houses take place in:


Winter Term: Boys – Rugby & Football.
  Girls – Hockey
Spring Term Boys – Hockey
  Girls – Netball
  Boys & Girls: Cross Country
Summer Term: Boys – Cricket & Tennis
  Girls – Cricket & Tennis.
  Boys & Girls: Sports Day.


Physical Education (PE)

The fundamental purpose of Physical Education is to ensure that all children, regardless of ability, are given the opportunity to express themselves physically in a number of different sport and exercise environments with the primary aims of enjoyment and improvement. 

The children are encouraged to develop skill and self-discipline, thus stimulating enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of achievement.  Kingshott offers a broad and balanced PE curriculum, allowing for enough differentiation to meet the variety of needs, ages, abilities and interests of the children.

Our PE sessions cover a huge variety of activities including gymnastics, dance, athletics, swimming, racquet sports, trampolining, SAQ’s and invasion games. 

All lessons involve an athletic development focus so that we can enable the children to become as physically literate as possible.  This includes skills such as acceleration, agility and jumping amongst many others.

Talent is nurtured and personal achievement in PE is emphasised at all levels.  The desirable outcomes of our PE curriculum include developing self-esteem and confidence in all pupils. Courtesy, good manners and a high level of sportsmanship are also demanded from the boys and girls at all times.

Throughout the Prep School, all children have a 50 minute timetabled PE session per week, with the PE timetable designed to complement the Games curriculum in the development of well-rounded athletes and games players.

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