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Our Food

We believe that children should enjoy nutritious, healthy and enjoyable meals, enabling them to work and play hard during the school day.


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A mid-morning snack is available comprising a variety of options, including croissants, flapjacks, muffins, cheese toasties, a selection of fruit, sandwiches and juice.  Hot chocolate is also served on really cold days.




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Our youngest children in Nursery to Year 2 all eat a hot cooked lunch, plus a pudding or some fresh fruit. Children in Year 3 to 8 can choose a hot meal or selection from the salad bar, followed by a pudding or fresh fruit. A hot vegetarian meal is always available, along with baked potatoes and a pasta dish.  Freshly prepared soup is also  available in the winter months. We often use herbs and other produce from our garden on site.



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The lunch menu is rotated on a three week cycle, with international cuisine featuring regularly. As well as vegetarians, other special dietary needs are catered for, including low cholesterol, coeliacs, nut allergies and cultural requirements. We often have special feature days such as smoothies or sushi. 





All food is prepared on site by our catering staff.  They are also responsible for serving the food, ensuring that every child is encouraged to enjoy a balanced and healthy diet.


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Week Commencing Monday 25 March 2024

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