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Destinations & Scholarships

At Kingshott we pride ourselves on the strong links we have established with both local and national senior schools. Open and honest discussions will be held with you on an individual basis from Year 5 onwards to discuss the options available to you when considering the next stage of your child's schooling.

Our 'Incrementum' certificate of achievement which brings together academic rigour and personal attibutes serves the children well in expressing themselves thorugh interview and application.

In the summer of 2020 all of our children went to their senior schools of choice including 8 scholarships as detailed below:

Eton                                          1

St Mary's                                   2

St Albans Boys School                 1

Repton                                      1

Bedford                                     4 (1 drama and 2 academic scholarships awarded)

The Leys                                   1     

The Perse                                  3

St Christopher's                          3

Uppingham                                1

Felsted                                      1 (1 drama scholarship)

Samuel Whitbread                      1

Bedford Modern School               2

Haileybury                                 5 (1 academic scholarship)

St Francis                                  2 (2 academic scholarships)

St Columba's                             1 (1 academic scholarship)


Over the last two academic years, our children have obtained the following Scholarships:

  • Bedford School Drama Scholarship
  • Felsted Mary Skill Award for Rugby
  • St Francis' College Academic Scholarship and an Arts Scholarship (Dance) Exhibition
  • Felsted Mary Skill Award for Rugby
  • Bedford School Academic Scholarship
  • CB Fry and Sport, Repton
  • Academic and Sport, Bishops Stortford
  • Academic, The Perse
  • Academic, Bedford
  • Music, The Leys
  • Sport, Stephen Perse
  • STEM, St Marys, Academic, Stephen Perse
  • Sport, Bedford

Please find below links to some popular choices with our families and should you have any questions regarding next steps in choosing a senior school for your child please contact Mrs Fiona Payne our Deputy Head on