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Leaver destinations and scholarships

There are two main exit points from Kingshott. The most obvious is at the end of Year 8 when, aged 13, our children have to conclude their time at prep school and leave us to go to a whole range of senior schools.

Children also leave us at the end of Year 6 to take up places at the local state schools, mainly Hitchin Boys' and Hitchin Girls' as well as Independent senior schools.

In the past few years children from Kingshott have received academic, music, drama, art and sports scholarships. This is a familiar pattern year on year.

Over the last two academic years, our children have obtained the following Scholarships:

  • Bedford School Drama Scholarship
  • Felsted Mary Skill Award for Rugby
  • St Francis' College Academic Scholarship and an Arts Scholarship (Dance) Exhibition
  • Felsted Mary Skill Award for Rugby
  • Bedford School Academic Scholarship
  • CB Fry and Sport, Repton
  • Academic and Sport, Bishops Stortford
  • Academic, The Perse
  • Academic, Bedford
  • Music, The Leys
  • Sport, Stephen Perse
  • STEM, St Marys, Academic, Stephen Perse
  • Sport, Bedford


In  2017, twelve scholarships awarded to nine pupils: academic, sports, music, DT, golf. 

In 2018, eleven scholarships awarded to nine pupils: academic, sports, music, STEM. 

In 2019, five scholarships awarded to five pupils: academic, sports, drama, dance.


one third of pupils each year are getting scholarships to Senior School

We are always proud of all our children and look forward to hearing their tales of senior school when they return to Kingshott to reminisce!

In recent years our children have gained places at the following senior schools:

Bedford School


Bedford Modern School

St Albans School

Bishop's Stortford College

St Chris


St Francis' College

The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

St Marys


Stephen Perse


The Perse



Selecting the school to which you would like your child to move after Kingshott is obviously an important decision. It is crucial that parents select a school where their child will be happy and flourish and we will give you advice and support in this vital decision at an appropriate stage.  Kingshott staff will work with parents to identify the most appropriate schools that best suit your child's ability and talents.