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Our Pre-Prep children are based in the spectacular award-winning Rowan building.  With three classes for each Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, the Rowan Hall, Library, Rainbow Room and Matron’s Medical base, this building is always a hive of activity. The Pre-Prep delivers an enhanced curriculum that allows your child to become an active learner, thinking for themselves both creatively and critically. The Reception classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which recognises that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. Small class sizes ensure that every child is treated as an individual, enabling all teaching staff to pinpoint the next steps in each child's learning journey.

The children access a full curriculum, taught by qualified and experienced teachers and supported by highly trained nursery nurses and classroom assistants. The children study Literacy and Numeracy in their classrooms, together with Science, History and Geography topics.  The children learn to use Information Communication Technology with confidence, using a range of hardware and software to achieve specific planned outcomes.  Specialist teachers add their expertise to subject delivery in a variety of areas, such as Music and PE with French being introduced in Year 1.  

Children are also able to enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular activities that include Recorder, Ballet, Tap, Gym, Sports Skills, Football, Swimming and a Theatre School. For more information please click here 

The staff is supported by a team of volunteer parents and grandparents, known as the Spectrum Group.  They help with art and craft activities, number and word games, thus enabling the children to access a wider curriculum.

The Rowan building is surrounded by playgrounds and fields which contain a wide range of age specific climbing and play equipment. The extended school grounds offer the opportunity for learning to take place in a range of different environments and the children benefit from being able to observe nature at its very heart.

Wrap-around care begins at 7.30am when Breakfast Club is available before school.  The After School Care provides a snack tea and the children can play outside (weather permitting), play inside with toys and games, or just relax and watch children’s television, as they might at home. 

The Pre-Prep offers a structured and caring environment where children thrive in a warm and happy atmosphere whilst providing each child with the opportunities to develop independence, self-confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem.