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Kingshott School Years 5 and 6

Building on the solid foundation of earlier years, in Years 5 and 6 we seek to further develop the children’s thirst for learning and encourage a spirit of independence.

From Year 5 onwards all children are based in the Robinson Building. Opened in 2015, the Robinson Building comprises of nine, bright and airy classrooms, a specialist art studio, music suite, food technology room and science laboratory.

Form classes each have a dedicated form tutor who is responsible for registration and is the first point of call for pastoral care. The form tutor also monitors the academic progress of each child and communicates regularly and effectively with parents.

Smaller teaching classes enable staff to concentrate fully on the individual child, nurturing confidence, developing self-esteem and providing the highest level of attention. This level of support is fundamental to making the children feel confident to succeed in all areas of school life, and strengthens significantly the important link between home and school.

Our aim is to fully prepare children for the most appropriate academic step into the next phase of their education, and in doing so we aim to produce confident and well-rounded individuals. To this end all subjects are taught by specialist subject teachers who oversee the child’s development – the following subjects form the foundation of our curriculum:

English, Mathematics, Science, French, Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Drama, Design & Technology, Food Technology, Music, Information & Communication Technology, Physical education & Games and PSHEE & Citizenship.

All subjects continue to be supported and enriched by a full programme of class and year group outings/trips, events and visits aimed at enriching the children’s education by bringing learning to life and providing enjoyable, stimulating experiences. For example, the year begins with a day of team building activities aimed at challenging the children, whilst providing opportunities for further social development, and ends with residential trips – Year 5 going to the Peak District, and Year 6 to France.

During these important, transitional years at Kingshott, children are encouraged to undertake a broad spectrum of activities, and are given many opportunities for personal and social growth.

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