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Senior School

In Year 6 to 8, children enter the final phase of their educational journey at Kingshott.

This phase is characterised by specialised teaching, with children moving around the school rather than based in one classroom, which is something they began to do in Year 5. It is during these years that children access the full breadth of the curriculum, which sees them enjoy the traditional range of subjects as well as Thinking Skills, Spanish and Food Technology.  It is also a time which sees a greater emphasis placed on exam preparation – an important process that begins in earnest as each child considers his or her next school.

With an eye on the future, parents are supported in the decisions regarding their child’s next school. In particular, the Director of Studies works with parents to ensure that the process is smooth and successful.

While some Year 8 children may have sat entrance tests earlier in the year, all children are expected to sit the Common Entrance exams in June. While maintaining a clear academic focus, this ensures that each individual does their best and gains valuable exam experience before turning their attention to GCSE and A Level studies.

As seniors in the school there are also raised levels of expectation, with opportunities to hold positions of responsibility in areas of sport, pastoral care and leadership. These positions play a vital role in building future leaders whilst serving the school community.

In our experience, the Year 8 children are ready to leave Kingshott sound in the knowledge that they have been well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.  This is confirmed time and time again when senior schools compliment Kingshott children on their fine work ethic, outstanding manners, desire to achieve their best and excellent academic foundations.

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