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Aims of the Subject

Pupils enjoy access to up to date computing facilities and software within a networked environment that encompasses all aspects of the school.

We aim to use technology to create a more exciting, rewarding and successful experience for children of all ages and abilities. This will enable everyone to achieve their potential and much more in an enjoyable environment.

Even at an early age, every child should feel confident about using technology in the classroom. They will be taught how to use technology to develop ideas and record creative work, and be encouraged to make their own minds up about how best to use technology to support their learning.

As the children progress, they should be using technology confidently enough to develop their research skills and decide what information is needed for their work. They will begin to question the reliability and quality of information and learn how to edit and present their work in a way that appeals to different types of audience.

By the time children reach Years 6, 7 and 8, using classroom technology should be an everyday occurrence. They should be starting to use technology to find and evaluate information, develop and present their own ideas and begin to reflect on how technology can further their own learning across the curriculum.

Assessment Methods

  • Continuous assessment takes place throughout and informs progress, planning and target setting
  • Teachers and children assess work produced at appropriately set intervals
  • There is no structured exam.

Teaching Techniques / Skills

The subject is taught in one of the ICT suites. Teaching involves:

  • Practical demonstrations and use of technical equipment such as data logging equipment, recording equipment, videos and cameras
  • Class discussions, brainstorming, research
  • Working individually and in small groups
  • Self-evaluation
  • Equipping children with the knowledge of a range of software and hardware that can be used cross-curricularly
  • Fostering an investigative mindset
  • Encouraging independent learning through providing open ended tasks to stretch and maximise potential.

“...pupils reach high levels of competence in ICT and use this across many curriculumm subjects.”

ISI 2013