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Developing a spiritual awareness is fundamental to all we do at Kingshott. Human beings are composed of body, mind and soul. Failure to nourish, stimulate and develop any one of these is done at the expense of the whole person.

Although religious awareness and spiritual awareness may share similar ideals, they are not one and the same. The Kingshott community is multi-faith; Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim come together in acceptance, respect and tolerance.  As part of the Religious Education curriculum, children are made aware of and exposed to the main religions represented in our school. They visit places of worship in the local community, celebrate religious ceremonies and are visited by leaders of various faiths.

Kingshott is a Church of England school and follows the Christian calendar celebrating the main Christian festivals surrounding Christmas and Easter.  The purpose of spiritual education, however, is to fulfill the divine potential of children, and to prepare them for life by giving them the tools needed to keep learning throughout the many experiences that they will have.  By spiritual education, we don't mean a church kind of education.  We mean that we help children to understand that they will be a lot happier if they are kind to others and if they work for high ideals.

It is for this reason that weekly assemblies focus on moral and ‘values’ lessons.  This is complemented throughout the school in form lessons and the PSHCE programme, and is reinforced by high expectations of good behaviour and a rewards system that celebrates ‘getting it right’.

By teaching children kindness, concentration, willpower, selflessness, strength of character, honesty and other higher qualities, life is made richer.  These are deeply important to the development of the human being.  The ultimate purpose of life is not simply to get a job; if you don’t know how to be truly happy, money won’t buy it for you.

Spiritual education is training people for life.  Education, if rightly understood, is expansion of awareness.  It is preparation for the process of real learning that takes place after we leave school and are in the battlefield of life.  By giving children the tools and understanding to make the right choices in their lives, we can lead them to lasting happiness.  Then they will be able to achieve the kind of triumphs that are the true meaning of success. 

Cultural development is excellent. Pupils develop their understanding of faiths and cultures other than their own through the opportunities provided by the rich multicultural community in which they learn. 

ISI 2013