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    Posted on: 28/02/2019

    Number sense!

    Last Thursday 28th February 2019, we held the first mathematics information evening for parents. Mrs Pepona talked about the importance of developing number sense in the early years. Number sense is the ability to manipulate numbers with flexibility and fluidity. A couple of examples in the Pre-Prep context include being able to tell how many ways we can split a number down in two or more parts – eg. how can we make 18 - or how to work out the result to say 3 x 6, by using the knowledge of 3 x 5=15 and adding on another 3, to get 3 x 6=18.

    We talked about the importance of developing an understanding of place value, which means what "quantity" does a digit show; for example what is the value of 3 in 434 and how is it different from the value of 3 in 53. We also discussed how this understanding links to development of addition and subtraction skills in Pre-Prep. We then talked about developing an understanding of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) alongside fluidity and mastery of all the number bonds to 20, and all the times tables, to ensure smooth progress in Middle School and higher level maths.

    We have now uploaded the reference material that was discussed and handed out at the meeting, you can find them here. These include ways to help your child at home with general maths development and specifically with times tables and also our number bonds to 10 and 20 booklets for extra practise at home as necessary. For those of you that could not attend this time around, the meeting will be repeated early in the autumn term 2019.