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Posted on: 01/05/2019

Year 4 Grafham Water Trip 2019

Year 4 spent 2 nights and 3 days at Grafham Water Centre.  For some it was their first time away from home and the first and biggest challenge for many was making their bed! Over the 3 days they learnt lots of new skills and worked on being a good member of a team.  As well as learning how to paddle a kayak, they played a variety of games including ‘rock, paper, scissors.’  The winner got to splash their opponent!  While learning to stand up on a paddle board, some got to perform, ‘head, shoulders, wiggle, jump!’ to test their balance.

There was very little wind on the last 2 days, so the children who went sailing needed to use paddles to help their boats sail across the water.  Some were towed by a motor boat and some children learned how to capsize safely.

In Bushcraft, they learnt some survival skills and built dens, while in Archery they learnt to shoot like Robin Hood.  When they were climbing, some of the children turned into Spiderman and shot up the wall.  Several were successful on the hardest wall which had an overhang! 

The children completed diaries which got them to reflect on the activities they had been doing.  The children were accompanied by Mrs Amoss, Mrs Clarke, Mr Comerford, Mr Ellis and Miss Roberts.  Thanks to Miss Roberts for organising and leading the trip.