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Posted on: 23/05/2019

Eco poems for our Carbon Footprint Day

The ECO Committee, under the guidance of Mr Comerford, have been discussing Climate Change and Global Warming, and discussion got round to how we, as a school, and the children as individuals, can make a difference. The upshot has been that Tuesday 21 May 2019 was our first Kingshott Carbon Footprint Awareness Day.

The children had a special Assembly on the subject and the ECO Committee talked to their Classes about the amazing Greta Thunberg. We made an effort to save electricity, use less paper and eat locally sourced food. We also asked the wider school community to get involved…could we have less cars at school? Could some children bike or walk in, or others share rides? How about investigating public transport? This is never straightforward, but cutting the carbon released into the atmosphere as part of the ‘school-run’ is a great example for the children - and who knows, it could now be continuing - we hope so!


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