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Posted on: 05/12/2019

UPDATED: Election Fever hits Kingshott


Each of the 5 parties presented to the Prep School children this morning - each and every one was just brilliant. So much work has gone into this. Even Sidney got involved as one of the Independent Party representatives!

Voting takes place this afternoon.

We wanted to involve the Prep School children in the current political election to help their understanding of how democracy works, how government works and what politics is all about. We are holding our own Kingshott election with children from Year 8 standing as party leaders from each of the main political parties. 

Posters have been put up (everywhere!), banners made and political arguments are being constructed.

Tomorrow morning in assembly, each of the parties will have a limited time for their party leader to communicate their main messages in an attempt to gather support and votes!

Then during the afternoon, each form will go and vote in the Kingshott polling booth. Monday morning will see the results announced so watch this space!

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