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Posted on: 17/01/2020

Kingshott wins Gold

Great excitement this morning in Assembly!

Kingshott has been actively involved in tree planting and supporting the work of the Woodland Trust for a number of years. 

In the Jubilee year, and the 2 years leading upto it, we managed to plant a staggering 2,012 trees, and since then groups of children, parents and staff have involved themselves in tree planting activities of one sort or another, ranging from the single cherry tree recently installed in the Nature Garden, to the 100 saplings planted in March 2019  on the banks close to the new astro.  The children in the school seem to have an affinity for trees; classes walk in the woods, take rubbings of bark, write stories, paint pictures and study trees in Science. Recently we even re-launched our Tree Nursery, making a statement about intentions for the future.  All this time we have also been working through the various stages of the Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools Award, which, in addition to things woody required the school to develop improved recycling systems and investigate other ways to reduce our carbon Footprint.

Well…back to the opening line…great excitement this morning in Assembly because we have achieved the Gold Award!

What does it mean to us? … a new badge for the letterheads? …something to show off on the website?  Yes and yes but this represents much much more for the school and its pupils.

It is something to be really proud of and it’s a sign that amidst all the doom and gloom of Climate Change, we are doing something to make a difference.

Next step the Platinum Award!!!

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