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Posted on: 16/09/2020

Lessons - Physical and Virtual

At any point in time, it is inevitable that some of the children will not be able to come to school because they are feeling unwell. The usual coughs and colds are circulating and then there is the added worry of the Coronavirus and the possible need for families to self-isolate.

Our online learning last term was firmly embedded and we have continued with this so that any children who are unable to come to school can still be a part of their lessons if they are well enough.

This morning, year 6 were having an art lesson. A laptop at the front of the class allowed those at home to be able to fully participate in the lesson and interact with their teacher and their classmates.

Year 8 were dissecting a trachea, heart and lungs (viewer discretion advised!) and those at home had a very good view from the laptop at the front!

Another year 6 class were all at school and took the opportunity to go out into the wooded area and set traps in order to hopefully catch some small woodland mammals for a science study - check back tomorrow to see if they were successful!

Individual music lessons are also taking place either via a room with a see-through partition (see the photo below) or online.

UPDATE - we caught a mouse! He just stayed for a short time before being released back into the wild. He was named Gerry for his short stay with us! Photo in the gallery below.


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