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Posted on: 26/02/2021

Career Talks

Year 8 are currently receiving a number of talks about careers. Once they get to their Senior Schools, GCSE options will follow quite quickly and having an idea of what you might want to do can only be a good thing.

This story will be updated as we hear from more guests.



Today we heard from Architect Louise Massie from Whitebrick Studio . The children asked some very insiteful questions and really quizzed her about just about everything to do with buildings!

IMG 5055 IMG 5053



Today we heard from Sally Fiske-Jackson who is a vet and a parent of Kingshott children. She regaled the pupils with fascinating and entertaining stories about being a small animal vet. Including operating on a bearded dragon who refused to be anaesthetised and dealing with a dog who had eaten 8 socks! 

Image (1) SallyFriesk



This morning Year 8 had assistant film director Jamie Chasey join their PSHEE session on careers. He discussed his experiences of working on films such as Mamma Mia, The Bourne Films and Star Wars amongst many others. It was incredibly fascinating and inspiring. The pupils asked some brilliant questions such as ‘where is the most amazing place you have filmed?’ And ‘who is the trickiest actor you have worked with?’ Needless to say Jamie gave a diplomatic reply to that one! 

Three of the photos are from the lesson and the other three were sent by Jamie - the first is on set in Morocco filming Sahara, the 2nd is Mamma Mia in Greece and last one is on set discussing scene options with a director 

For more information on Jamie take a look at


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