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Posted on: 05/02/2021

What did you do today?




We wanted to find a way to get the children away from the screens whilst still engaging them in meaningful activities. It is also Children's Mental Health Week which was the inspiration for doing things a bit differently.

Huge thanks and admiration goes to all the staff who have clearly spent a lot of time coming up with these amazing ideas and preparing for today 

This news story will be regularly updated during the day as teachers report on the sessions they have been running.


In maths, with Years 6, 7 and 8 we challenged the children to draw a Fibonacci spiral, which is the kind of spiral found in nature on seashells, the snail etc. We showed them how to draw it using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and then they had to incorporate it into a drawing. It could as abstract as they wanted or a drawing of anything from nature.

Fibonacci Maths


Y3 have had a range of activities to 'feed' their heart, mind and soul. They were asked to wear clothes that made them happy which have ranged from superhero costumes, to totally pink outfits to racing stripes! They have had jokes to read, personalised mindfulness colouring, quizzes such as 'Where's the Bear?' (pictures of a giant teddy in various places around school), 'Willcocks, Wesley or Mac?' (pictures of items belonging to their teachers/supper their teachers have cooked/baby photos etc), materials to make a thank you card for someone in their family, a recipe to bake and lots more. They also had a surprise scavenger hunt this afternoon!

Year 3 fun


Year 8 were introduced to The Five Finger Breathing Technique to help them with relaxation. There are some great links on YouTube for this technique. 

Science 1 Image 1 Science 1


Year 8 were set the challenge of building a model in a single lesson to show how a headland erodes. They showed the features of a cave, arch , stack and stump.

Year 8 Geography


Year 4 have started (and are still in the process of!) creating inspirational posters inspired by quotes from the book 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse'.  

Each child is making a poster that they can put up next to them to keep their spirits up during remote learning!  Some have chosen quotes from the book and other children have used quotes from books, films or just family sayings, like, "It's fun if you make it fun!"

IMG 3312 (1)


In English, Mrs Amoss’ Year 6 class were asked to find an object in their house that could be blamed for the mysterious happenings in the book they are studying, The Watertower. The children had to come up with an imaginative story based on their objects, which they explained to the class. We then judged the winners based on who we thought presented the most creative and well-explained story. All sorts of household objects were blamed as the culprit of the mysterious happenings, such as; a pet dog (who had transformed to a mutant alien dog!), someone’s dad (who was in fact an invading alien!), a wooden duck (who was creating a wooden duck army to take over the world!) and even some hand sanitiser (which turned people into aliens and sucked them into the bottle!) We had quite a laugh listening to each other’s creative ideas!


The year 5's were set the challenge of creating a weather wheel to show what the weather is like where they live today

Kingshott Weather Wheel Weather ChartWeather Chart


A new country is born. The children were asked to:

  • Find a name and location for the new country 

  • Create a flag for that new country

  • Make up a new language



As a special treat for working so hard on Fractions online, Year 5 played the chocolate, knife and fork game. All the parents were in on the surprise and sorted chocolate, knife, fork, plate, dice, hat, scarf and woolly socks to wear as gloves for the children. We took it in turns to roll the dice and if we rolled a 6 you hat to put on the hat, scarf, socks and try to eat some chocolate using the knife and fork (it had been stored in the fridge!). As soon as someone else rolled a 6 your go was over.

We all had an absolute ball. 

Chocolate at the ready!


Year 6 English class created gratitude albums or posters detailing the things in their lives they are most grateful for. Some items of note were sailing dinghies, hamster v.s tortoise racing and Sour Patch Kids!

Kingshott Fun Friday Kingshott Fun FridayKingshott Fun Friday (1)


In science with 7T we have been making posters but with a twist. Pupils had to make a poster showing their emotions and feelings using only science related words, diagrams, images and equations. 

Kingshott Fun Friday (1) Kingshott Fun Friday 22


Our key worker children have joined in whilst onsite at school. There has been baking with Year 3 and chocolate games with Year 5

       Key workers


5P with Mrs Payne are solving the mystery of who stole the biscuit tin from the staff room. They are dressed as police officers and watch videoed witness statements.

We had the detective from Death in Paradise, Sherlock Holmes and a modern cop

Who Did itIMG 4610


In Year 4 'fun maths' today - we split the whole year group up into groups of 4 or 5 (Key workers were working in 'real life' as a group of 5).  They all had their own group meet codes, and were solving a maths mystery in groups.  

To check their answers, they had to enter the answer as the next meeting code - they could only get in if the answer was right!  There was a teacher waiting in each meet to congratulate them and move them onto the next puzzle....

Certificates for the first group to make it into each meet!  It was chaos, but loads of fun!

Kingshott Fun Friday 11 Kingshott Fun Friday 12


Art - the children are having a fun day today drawing with found objects. Getting away from screens and searching their gardens for things to create portraits with. We have Boris and Chris Witty - can you spot them?

Kingshott Outdoor artwork 2


Year 6 say Konnichiwa! 

Year 6 did a Japanese workout, made an origami ninja star with some success (!) and learnt to write and say our names in Katakana.

Kingshott Fun Friday (1) Kingshott Fun Friday (2) Kingshott Fun Friday (3) Kingshott Fun Friday (4)