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Posted on: 19/03/2021

What a difference a year makes!

Who would have thought it!? A year ago with Lockdown looming, the children were brought to the mud patch outside the Music Room to get busy. Granted, the KA had funded the network of paths, which the children (especially Pre-Prep walking to lunch) had watched with great interest, our Groundsman together with Mr Comerford had marked out the ‘beds’, the soil had been prepared and rotavated (the youngsters asking Mr Comerford why it suddenly smelled of manure!), but what was to become the school Nature Area was effectively empty, with just a lone cherry tree growing in the middle and the bare-looking tree nursery promising great things.

Then, during an at times frantic frantic day, class after class appeared right on cue and gradually the KA funded plants were planted. Children got their hands dirty, laughed, enjoyed themselves and, whether they realised it or not, had their first lesson in what was to become the Nature Hangout! That was the last many of the children would see of the Nature Area for a long time.

Appropriate then that this week the, now-maturing, Nature Hangout saw the whole of Year 3 planting seeds as part of a Science lesson, and 6P taking over as the ‘duty class’ and carrying out their jobs with a huge smile on their faces; the children can learn such a lot there, doing the simplest of things! We couldn’t have known, when we started planning the Nature Area, just how useful that part of the school was to become in helping children (and Staff!) de-stress and step away from their computer screens!


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