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Posted on: 05/07/2021

Kingshott Eco Day

Monday saw our children, from the oldest to the youngest, taking time to think ECO; to explore environmental issues and to actually get involved.

The morning started with an Assembly for the Prep School children that linked our steps along the road towards a more wholesome school environment and creating a school that impacts less on the environment in general, to marginal gains, with the example of the GB Cycling Team. Then, after the Moving Up activities, things got going.

The Nature Area saw a lot of use, with Mrs Amoss helping Y6s to explore nature from different perspectives, while other children spent time there doing some writing.

Elsewhere in the school Y1s got stuck in and were a little surprised at how much litter they found on the grounds, while Mrs Pepona helped a class of children to work out their own personal carbon footprints. Y3 were in the perfect place to enjoy an environmentally focused day, spending their afternoon at the Lavender Fields. Well done also to 3M  for making their own personal pledges in terms of plastic consumption; marginal gains indeed.

All in all, a valuable day and well done to children from across the school for getting involved and teachers for stepping away from ‘normal’ teaching.

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