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The health and welfare of your child is extremely important to all of us at Kingshott. During the school day our Matron is on site to deal with injuries and illness. Should your child be unwell during the day, Matron will determine whether they are well enough to remain at school or need to go home. Likewise, should Matron feel that an injury requires a medical opinion (e.g. X-Ray), contact will be made with parents to arrange collection.  If it was considered necessary, an ambulance would be called to deal with cases where more immediate attention was required. In these instances, we would arrange to meet you at the hospital.  It is therefore vital that changes to contact details are supplied to the school, whether temporary or permanent.

In order to ensure that children are dealt with appropriately, it is essential that parents keep Matron informed of any medical conditions or dietary requirements. Medication can be dispensed if necessary, but this should be discussed with Matron at the beginning of the school day.

Many of our staff, including all the PE and Games staff, are qualified in first aid, and school trips (sports fixtures, field visits, etc) are accompanied by a first aider.

 “Pupils who are sick or injured are very well cared for in a purpose-built medical room and appropriate records are kept. Many staff are qualified in first aid, and staff who work in the EYFS have paediatric qualifications as required.”

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