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Payment of Fees (from September 2018)

Before the start of each term we will send you a bill consisting of the term’s fee and personal insurance (£9 compulsory charge per term), including any optional extras charged to your account, such as ballet lessons or school trips.  Payment is due by the end of the first week of each term. Sibling discounts of 2.5% are given for each second and subsequent child.  These remain as long as there are siblings in the school.  Our required payment method is bank transfer each term.  Listed below is the school’s monthly payment option. The current fees are also given below. These include school lunch and all snacks. If you are interested in paying annually, please contact the Bursar


Kingshott Fees


Mornings only per term: £2,030.00 (it is compulsory for children to attend five mornings per week). 

Afternoons per term:

1 afternoon per week: £200.00
2 afternoons per week: £370.00
3 afternoons per week: £490.00
4 afternoons per week: £610.00
5 afternoons per week: £710.00

Adhoc afternoon: £20.00


(Reception to Year 2) : £3,580.00 per term


(Year 3 to Year 8) : £4370.00 per term 

Extra Charges

All Instruments except Recorder per lesson:£19.75
Group Recorder Lessons per term: £72.00
Ballet per term: £73.00
Breakfast Club per session £3.75      
Sibling Supervision
(Nursery & Pre-Prep)
no charge
After School Care ASC
(Nursery & Pre-Prep)
per session until 5.00pm: £7.25
  per session until 5.30pm: £10.50
Late charges ASC £5 per 10 minutes for the first half hour
  £10 per 10 minutes thereafter



Paying school fees monthly

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School Fees Refund Scheme (optional)

The absence of a pupil does not lessen the cost of running the school and fees are non refundable if a pupil is unable to attend classes due to sickness, accident or quarantine. The school is however, able to make refunds through the Fees Refund Scheme.

Full details for EXISTING PUPILS



If you need to make a claim


Pupils' £1M Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 

Full details of the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

Q&A's regarding the policy

Additional benefits Information

Dental and broken bones benefits information


Childcare Vouchers

For informaiton on using the Childcare Voucher Schemes


Kingshott Club Termly Subs (Optional) 

Participation into a termly fundraiser will be added to your fee bill once a year. The £30.00 is paid directly to the Kingshott Association.  Participation in the scheme entitles you to enter a termly cash draw, great prizes!  You may get lucky!