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Modern Foreign Languages

SUBJECT NAME:  MFL (French & Spanish)

Aims of the subject:

The aim of MFL at Kingshott is primarily to equip children with the core skills required to develop an awareness and understanding of the culture and identity of the countries and communities where the language is spoken. Furthermore, while developing an interest in the language, children are more able to understand how their own language functions, therefore drawing comparisons between them. We also aim to prepare them for a world where boundaries are increasingly disappearing and the asset of lifelong language learning is becoming more apparent. The benefit that a foreign language could represent for further study, employment, and even leisure (travel) is huge.

Assessment methods:

We use a wide range of assessment methods including:

  • listening-based tasks,
  • reading-based tasks,
  • speaking-based tasks,
  • writing based-tasks,
  • grammar-based tasks.

Teaching techniques:

We expose children to a wide range of tasks and activities, including authentic materials. They learn primarily through:

  • role plays in class and theatre company visits: our children are encouraged to express themselves and develop thoughts as well as ideas spontaneously and fluently,
  • real case scenario with a French trip in Year 6: our children will develop an ability to communicate confidently and coherently with native speakers conveying what they want to say with increasing accuracy. Also, they`ll have the opportunity to witness some cultural and traditional aspects firsthand,
  • presentation to the rest of the class: our children gain experience and confidence in public speaking (for instance, our Year 6 children will be showing a PowerPoint presentation to the rest of the class on a specific topic),
  • wide range of IT resources: children use 21st century technology to present and display their research, consolidate their learning (for example, our Year 8 children have just finished a video project on “Mon école”),
  • focus on grammar: our children are capable of exhibiting some very insightful and analytical thoughts about the language they study,
  • learn from each other: among our children, we have the chance of having some native speakers or children who are exposed to either French and Spanish at home and their contributions are greatly appreciated with the rest of our children. 

Use of ICT within the subject (if applicable):

We use “Rigolo”, an interactive software aimed at beginners for French (Years 1 – 4).

For Years 5 – 8, we use pearson active learn, a website that helps our students consolidate their skills both in French and in Spanish. It gives them instant feedback and shows us how much the students genuinely understand, therefore helping us reinforce some aspects of the language which might not have been as clear for our students.

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