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Design Technology

SUBJECT NAME: Design Technology (+ STEAM within DT)

Aims of the subject:

Design Technology aims to enable each child to engage in opportunities to identify, consider, evaluate and solve problems through creative thinking, design solutions and detailed planning. They will work with different materials, tools and processes in a practical environment to produce appropriate outcomes that address set challenges. Children will build on their design and workshop knowledge and understanding and continually develop their skills in each area as independent learners

STEAM within DT aims to develop skills and knowledge used by those involved in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. Children will learn to utilise all that they know from these areas to design within the areas of structural, mechanical and electronic engineering. Children can be set challenges or set their own tasks to address working individually or in small groups.

Assessment methods:

There are no formal tests or exams in DT but each child is required to continually assess and evaluate not only their own work but those of others in the group. There are evaluation sheets incorporated in the various in-house booklets for each activity and project that cover points to consider such as design, function, workmanship and aesthetics. Product evaluation of everyday objects is also included in class discussions.

Teaching techniques:

Teaching techniques will include group discussions, existing product analysis, brainstorming, project-based booklets, videos, exemplar materials, product testing sessions, “Dragons Den” presentations and Q&A sessions.

Use of ICT within the subject:

IT is used in DT for designing individual components using our 2D TechSoft software. These designs will then be transferred to the laser-cutter and the items cut from paper, card, wood or plastics. Shortly, we will be bringing back on line our 3-axis milling machine for block work, and re-introducing the PCB engraver to extend our provision with electronic circuitry both of which will require additional and different specialist design software.




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