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Aims of the subject:

Geography is the study of our world, all of its beauty, its wonders and problems. It is by its very nature a ‘living’ subject; always on the move, always challenging.

Our aim is to ensure there is an equal balance between the three main areas of Geography; human, physical and environmental and instil in every pupil a desire to understand and explore each of these areas.

Children are encouraged to achieve the highest standards in all areas of the subject to prepare them successfully for their future.

Assessment methods: 

Children develop their own ideas through a range of assessment styles such as oral presentations, group work, projects and a more formal exam in the summer term from years 6 to 8.

Teaching techniques: 

Children are given the opportunity to experience the subject outside of the classroom on residential and day field trips. In Year 3 they spend a night at the National Space Centre, in Year 5 they spend 4 action packed days in the Peak District and in Year 6, they carry out a shopping survey in Hitchin town centre where they learn important fieldwork skills of collecting data, analysing results and presenting data.

Use of ICT within the subject:

ICT is used regularly and topical issues in the media are discussed on a frequent basis. ICT is used to create posters and news reports, to prepare presentations and for research purposes.


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