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"Pupils make excellent use of their ICT skills for multi-subject research and develop transferable skills because of it" ISI 2022

Aims of the subject:

The curriculum is designed to support children in becoming safe, competent and creative users of technology, building essential skills and understanding through using a range of applications on varied devices.

At the same time, it inspires them to become productive creators and designers of technology, by introducing the essential aspects of computer science in a way which blends with the ethos and learning approaches of the School. There is a particular emphasis on unplugged approaches, which enables learners to understand how technology and systems work and are controlled, before using any computer-based applications.

Assessment methods: The pupils are assessed regularly during each topic and skills are appraised. There is no formal exam.

Teaching techniques: Teamwork, practical, videos, class discussions, small group discussions, case studies, worksheets, surveys, quizzes.




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Autumn Term Overview Computing 20th Oct 2023 Download