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The Hub

064Life at school is demanding. Busy classrooms can be challenging places for some, especially as everyone has different needs. Playgrounds can be equally tricky and sometimes overwhelming for some children.

Eventually, it is likely that every child will encounter a time when they experience overwhelming emotions for a whole host of different reasons..

Without self-regulation or a safe place to escape, these emotions can spiral into a chaotic episode.


Welcome to The Hub

067Children from year 3 to year 8 are able to choose independently to come to The Hub if they have any worries or concerns, or just need a safe space for some quiet time.  It is very important for the children to have ownership of their feelings and The Hub is a secure place for them to think and/or talk. 

All children’s visits are monitored for regularity and pattern.  Worries are shared with relevant staff and parents as appropriate and the children are aware of the rules around sharing information.

They are also aware that anything they hear in The Hub, remains in The Hub!”


Sidney 1

We have a very special friend who spends time in The Hub with the children - Sidney, our Kingshott Cocker Spaniel. He is great at listening and gives the best cuddles!

P1100506When children feel great frustration, anger, sadness or anxiety, they become confused and may be unsure how to control their emotions. By providing them with a quiet place to calm themselves down, children are then able to regain control over their own emotions. The Hub also provides opportunities for diffusing a negative emotion or situation before it escalates.




The children love Sidney and some of them make him little presents.




Deep breathing exercises are a simple but effective way to calm children down. Display posters in The Hub demonstrate to children how they can calm themselves down with step-by-step breathing activities. 

We have many books in The Hub which provide the children with a distraction away from their emotional state. Picture books can help children identify and express to others an emotion they are feeling. .

066Drawing and colouring is a form of art therapy and helps children to calm down and express emotions. In The Hub, we have a supply of colouring books, plain paper and sharpened pencils for children to use. Some children need an outlet to get rid of angry emotions - we have a supply of scrap paper for children to scrunch or rip up and a small tub of play dough for them to squeeze and roll out.

Sensory tactile objects, also known as ‘fidget toys’, provide something for children to hold and touch. They also help children to re-focus and gain control over their emotions. We have a ‘calm down tool kit’ in The Hub filled with a range of sensory tactile objects.

The hub is a nice calm place when you are feeling down to come to the hub where you might find Sidney or Mrs Burrows. You may play and play all break if you want, it's your choice.