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Nearly New Shop Online

Kingshott is trialling an online version of our Nearly New Shop. This is for Kingshott uniform sales between families. This is a temporary solution to the problem of the physical nearly new shop being closed. Please be patient whilst we work through any teething problems.

All parents can add an item on the Padlet below. Please click on the + sign in the relevant column and add as much information as you like. 

  • Please make sure to include a price for your item.
  • You will need to provide a way for those interested in your item(s) to get in touch with you.
  • You will need to check back on this page for comments from time to time
  • Once sold, please remove your post by emailing

You will need to scroll left/right and up/down to see all content

Any comments or suggestions can be emailed to

Made with Padlet

Transactions are made directly between you and the seller/individual/3rd party (“the Seller”).

Please note that Kingshott cannot accept any liability for any faulty products or inaccurate descriptions given by the Seller and limits its liability in relation to such action to the fullest extent permissible under English law.”