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The Pool

The pool has been a major part of school life for many, many years however it has been restricted to seasonal swimming due to the physical structure.

The "bubble" over the pool has naturally deteriorated over time and has now provided us with an opportunity to look at how we enable swimming as a school.

March 2021 has seen the Governors sign off on the decision to change the structure of the pool so that the changing rooms will be attached to the pool enclosure and together with air heating means that swimming can be provided all year round.

The photos below show what the pool will look like with the sides down for the colder months and the sides open for the summer! 




July 2021 Update

The old "bubble has been taken down and the water has been drained out of the pool.

IMG 0859IMG 0861IMG 0863

The project has started! June 2021

The "bubble" over the pool had a limited lifespan. That had been exceeded and we knew that we needed to make some updates. However, storm Dennis impacted the UK in February 2020, just a week after Storm Ciara which also brought strong winds and heavy rain to the whole of the UK. The strongest wind gust was recorded at 91mph! The bubble couldn't hold up any longer and three significant holes appeared.

A month later just as we were working on a plan, COVID 19 hit and the pool had to take a back seat in our priorities.

The pool is rather sad looking at the moment however this week has seen the new pool project commence!! We are really excited.

The fencing has gone up, the hedges have come down and the roots are being removed. As soon as we finish for the summer the water will be drained out into the grounds to water the trees and shrubs and the building project can commence!

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