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Posted on: 17/11/2022

Year 2 enjoy boarding the 'Good Ship Scally Wag' to learn about pirates and history!

This week, Year 2 boarded the ‘Good Ship Scally Wag’ with Captain Patrick and a stolen pirate map to learn all about History, Geography and pirates too!

They sailed from the high seas of Hitchin to the Caribbean. During their voyage they faced many challenges such as being chased by Captain Black Beard, and encountering dangerous mermaids and magic islands. They finally stopped at an island where they had to complete a range of difficult challenges. They had to make their own ink (with charcoal and gum Arabic), pirate maps, fake dice, a leather pirate’s pocket, a leather eye patch, a skull and cross bone flag and doubloon jewellery. The Year 2 children loved using a wide range of tools such hammers, push punches and leather tools to complete these challenges. They did not like visiting the ship's doctor with his strange cures and medicines but they loved scrubbing the deck and hoisting the sails.

In the afternoon, they fired a cannon, used a monkey’s paw knot to play games, sang Sea Shanties, used semaphore to speak to the other ships and completed a challenge to cross a swamp to rescue a black rat. They also managed to find some treasure and out-run the fearsome Black Beard!

Year 2 loved going back in time to learn about History and all of them asked if Captain Patrick could come back to Kingshott again!

Pirate Day is just one of the main activities and events that take place at the Pre-Prep at Kingshott School that brings learning to life for our pupils. 

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