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Posted on: 07/12/2022

Cooking up some wonderful Christmas creations!

What do you get when you mix 6.5kg of butter, 1kg of golden syrup, 7kg of sugar, 72 eggs, 9.5kg of flour, 3.5kg of chocolate together with a lot of laughter and sweets?

The answer is … some wonderful creations being cooked up in La Kucina!

Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 have had the most wonderful final two weeks of term making their Christmas bakes.

  • In Year 5 Christmas shortbread biscuits have been baked and decorated.
  • In Year 6 it was time for cupcakes.
  • Year 7 made traditional spiced biscuits from Germany.
  • Year 8 was responsible for transforming the traditional brownie into Christmas trees and reindeer.

What a splendid time was had by all, in particular the teachers who were immensely proud of all that everyone made, and of course all the recipients near and far who enjoyed the sugar rush, alongside the children.

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