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Our Mission

To enable all at Kingshott School to be... “the best me I can be”

Our Aims

• to provide an intellectual environment
• to stimulate curiosity
• to promote achievement
• to provide opportunities for development
• to nurture each individual

Our Principles

In achieving our mission and aims we strive to:

• develop each child’s confidence to have the curiosity to attempt something new, the perseverance to tackle something difficult and the courage to risk the unknown;
• promote an appetite for and enjoyment of learning;
• celebrate achievement and acknowledge success;
• stimulate intellectual curiosity;
• give children knowledge and skills to enable them to think and do;
• give children the opportunity to maximise their strengths and overcome their weaknesses in a supportive and positive environment;
• promote in each child a sense of belonging and social responsibility to each other and the world around them;
• encourage children to work individually and in groups;
• teach children to appreciate the rich tapestry of diversity that collectively makes us strong;
• provide academic, social, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical and aesthetic direction to allow each child to grow in maturity, confidence and self-esteem;
• foster creativity, adventurous learning and imaginative endeavour;
• promote excellence and a desire to be the best;
• prepare children for the next phase of life.

Pupils show considerable social awareness and understand that their actions affect others. They express their views with confidence, demonstrating a well-developed sense of self-esteem. They are the products of the happy environment in which they work and learn. They are active in striving to be the best that they can be, in line with the school’s aims. 

ISI 2013

We hope visitors will see why we are proud of our school when they meet the children in it. They are lively, eager, respectful and keen to do their best. They are developing the confidence and motivation to succeed and be happy.